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Stuttgart peace prize for Fatuma Adan


Fatuma Abdulkadir Adan of Kenya has been awarded the five-thousand-euro AnStifter Stuttgart Peace Prize. Her Horn of Africa Development Initiative (HODI), founded in 2003, seeks to break through the vicious circle of violence in northern Kenya. Now 33, the attorney Adan returned from Nairobi to her hometown of Marsabit to advocate reconciliation. She organizes meetings between women from hostile tribes and sponsors football tournaments. HODI, recognized as an NGO since July 2007, offers educational programs, legal support, and assistance for women and other disadvantaged Kenyans.

Susanne Stiefel and photographer Frank Schultze, both of Zeitenspiegel, brought her international recognition with their reporting in the framework of the Peace Counts project. The award took Adan by surprise. Her e-mail to Peace Counts on July 7: “This is such a great confirmation for HODI and all the youngsters in our football project. If you hadn’t come out to see us in the bush, the world would know nothing about HODI and what we do. You are our voice!”

Fatuma Adan will be in Stuttgart on November 17th to accept the award at the Stuttgart Peace Gala.