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Bernd Hauser

Bernd Hauser


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Scandinavia, Africa, social and economic issues


Born in 1971, Bernd studied geography in Tübingen and Maynooth, Ireland before attending the IFP journalism school in Munich. After training as an editor with the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, he joined Zeitenspiegel in 1999. In 2001, he won the journalism award of the Robert Bosch Foundation, in 2002 the Rerum Novarum Prize, in 2007 the Regino Prize for excellence on reporting in jurisprudence, and in 2009 the World Population Journalism Award.


The buried treasure of Kattegat

Appeared on focus.de, 25 May 2013

A 90-year-old German appears in a remote Danish village. He recalls helping excavate large holes and catching a glimpse of mysterious crates. Did they contain priceless looted art? Is it still there, under the ground? Metal detector sales are strong. But not everyone likes the idea of people digging around in the village’s checkered past.


German Jewish children in England

Appeared in GEO, Dec. 2010

In 1938 and 1939, 10,000 Jewish children left Germany for England, expecting to live in castles and dress like Sherlock Holmes. Most naively assumed they would see their parents again.


Gold at Sutter's mill!

Erschienen in "Geo", Juni 2010

Greed is good! Anyone surprised by the popularity of that idea in the supposedly puritanical U.S. of A. need only look back at the gold rush, when an apostate Mormon leader presided over an explosion of environmental destruction and labor exploitation. Few prospectors will find gold, he reasoned. But company stores will prosper. The story of America’s first millionaire.