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Carsten Stormer

Carsten Stormer


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Manila / Philippinen

War and crisis reporting, social issues


Born in 1973, Carsten Stormer began his free-lance career with the Phnom Penh Post. He studied journalism in Bremen and Chennai India (IIT) and was in the first graduating class of the Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule. He settled in Manila in 2008. Regular assignments include Focus, Playboy, Amnesty International Magazine, Cicero, and other major German dailies and weeklies. He has received media awards from the Red Cross and Kindernotfhilfe and one of his photos was nominated for UNICEF’s 2009 Photo of the Year.

Surfin' Gaza


Surfin' Gaza

Erschienen in "mare", 87/2011

The Gaza strip is known for invasions, blockades and a certain lack of career opportunities. Catching waves gives young people a sense of ease and freedom that lifts their spirits. The Gaza Surf Club is sponsored by an Israeli.


Girl surfers of Gaza

Appeared in "aHoi", Nr. 2, August/September 2011

The title says it all.


Sightseeing in a war zone

Erschienen in "Journalist", 07/2011

Journalists traveling to Afghanistan to report on the deployment of German forces soon get bored. The German army is delighted to arrange tours of mosques, less so to allow civilians near the front lines.


Where's Victor?

Erschienen in "enorm", Nr. 2/2011

A Swiss in Northern Thailand runs a nursing home for German-speaking Alzheimer’s patients. Here they get everything they can’t afford at home: care, attention, tenderness, respect.


Witch hunt

Appeared in Amnesty Journal 1/2011

People in Papua New Guinea believe in black magic and witches. They call their superstition “saguma.” It claims hundreds of lives every year.


Germany's war in the Hindu Kush

Appeared in Playboy, January 2011

The enemy alternates stone-age methods with high tech. German soldiers have been on the front lines in Afghanistan since 2001. A brief visit to the second company of paratrooper battalion 313 in Kundus.