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Dr. Rainer Nübel

Dr. Rainer Nübel


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Autor / Stuttgart, Berlin

Investigative reporting, German politics


Born in 1959 in Oberndorf, B.A. 1978 in Nürtingen, studied history and German literature, qualified as a teacher in 1984. Worked as a conscientious objector with troubled children. Trained at the Nürtinger Zeitung, was an editor there until 1993, then moved to the Stuttgarter Nachrichten, first in local news, then as arts head, then as reporter. Joined Zeitenspiegel in April 2000. Co-author of several nonfiction books. 2008’s “Wir können alles,” about graft in Swabian politics, brought him recognition as Journalist of the Year in the regional category. Instructor at two universities.


CDU-Abgeordneter verriet dem BND den Namen eines Whistleblowers

Erschienen auf stern.de am 24.07.18 in Zusammenarbeit mit Hans-Martin Tillack

Ein BND-Mitarbeiter steht vor Gericht, weil der CDU-Mann Roderich Kiesewetter dem BND dessen Identität preisgab. Der Vorgang sei “vollkommen obskur”, sagt eine Oppositionsabgeordnete.


Deutscher Gruss

Erschienen in "stern" am 10.02.18 auf Seite 88 in Zusammenarbeit mit Ulrich Neumann und Hans-Martin Tillack

Bei Daimler und anderen Konzernen sind rechte Arbeitnehmervertreter auf dem Vormarsch – mit Verbindungen ins Nazi-Milieu.


The end of a family

Appeared in "stern" 8/2012

Von Writers Dr. Rainer Nübel und Ingrid Eißele

Their mother was abducted and murdered. Their father, director of a small-town S&L, committed suicide. The police interrogated them on and off for months. Christoph and Carina Bögerl recall their darkest hours.


Swabia's man in Brussels

Appeared in "taz", 31. Oktober 2009

Once known for such faux pas as “the pizza affair,” “the Filbinger affair,” and “the tea sieve affair,” the southern German right-of-center political icon Günther Oettinger is now the EU’s commissioner for the environment. Videos of his attempts to speak English consistently go viral.


Bad eggs

Appeared in "stern", Nr. 12/2008, co-author Hans Peter Schütz

In the mid-1980s, the German state of Baden-Württemberg paid millions in damages to the noodlemaker Birkel. The authorities had warned consumers against its “microbially spoiled” products. Now the truth comes out: The noodles really were contaminated. A classic southern German government coverup.