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Erdmann Wingert

Erdmann Wingert


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Environmental issues, literature


Born in 1936. Was an editor at Stern and ZEIT Magazin and for eleven years jury chairman of the Hansel Mieth Prize. Instructor at the Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule, all-around editorial consultant. Member of the online magazine MAGDA. Commutes between Hamburg, Endersbach and Reutlingen.


  • Brennpunkt Müll (Gruner + Jahr Stern-Buch, 1992)
  • Friesland (Ellert & Richter Verlag, 1992)
  • Türkei (Ellert & Richter Verlag, 1987)
  • Robin Wood – und vor uns sterben die Wälder (Rowohlt Verlag, 1984)


  • Der Bettler von Paris (NDR/ARTE, 60’)
  • Las Vegas – Traum und Albtraum (NDR, Länder Menschen Abenteuer, 45’)
  • Qatar – Aufbruch am Persischen Golf (ARTE, 60’)
  • Traumreise ins ewige Eis (NDR, mare-TV, 45’)
  • Besuch bei Onkel Theo (unveröffentlicht, 45’)


The sauerkraut memoirs

Hampp Verlag, 2011

An aging journalist renowned for his anecdotes (ask him about his boxing career!) reminisces about the role sauerkraut has played in his life.


The tiny EMT in my chest

Every five minutes, somewhere in Germany, someone with heart disease keels over. Thanks to the wonders of modern medicine, some of them live to tell the tale.


Bury my heart under the hat rack

When old bars die, something precious goes with them.


Fishing Mauretania

The fishing grounds off the Mauretanian coast could be mistaken for a floating junkyard. When a Spanish boat goes down, the sailors end up on the hospital ship “Esperanza del Mar.”


Revenge of the leeches

The story of the journey of an errant tourist on the Mahakam, a place he has no business being.


Pastoral with contemporary ruin

The dream of country living can become a nightmare. Or an adventure.