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Frank Brunner

Frank Brunner


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Stuttgart / Berlin

Investigative reporting, right-wing politics, natural sciences


Frank Brunner first trained as a cook, catering concerts and touring Europe with a punk rock band before settling down to study political science, philosophy and journalism at the Free University in Berlin. He was hired as a researcher by DER SPIEGEL and served as an editor there for two years. As a free-lancer he has worked for Berliner Zeitung, Tagesspiegel, ZEIT online, SPIEGEL online, Tageszeitung, and Diagonal (in Spain), among others. In 2010 he received the Otto Brenner grant to support investigations in critical journalism. He joined Zeitenspiegel in December 2012 and has since co-authored the book “Geheimsache NSU” about the neo-Nazi serial killer ring whose putative sole survivor is now on trial.



Jagd auf Mannheims laute Söhne

Erschienen im "stern", 21. September 2017

Von Fotograf Rainer Kwiotek und Autor Frank Brunner

Der Lärm ist das Ziel: Nirgends gibt es soviele „Poser” wie hier - junge Männer, die mit aufgemotzen Autos um Aufmerksamkeit kämpfen. Unterwegs mit einer speziellen Polizeitruppe.


Gewerkschaft Knast & Zelle

Erschienen in "stern", 18. Juni 2015

In deutschen Gefängnissen arbeiten Häftlinge für ein paar Euro am Tag. Jetzt fordern sie den Mindestlohn.


Packed trains bound for freedom

Appeared in Frankfurter Rundschau, Oct 1 2014

25 years ago, thousands of East German citizens sought refuge in the West German embassy in Prague. Following time-consuming diplomatic negotiations, they were allowed to leave by train. The first such train arrived in the border town of Hof on October 5, 1989. Three witnesses remember.


Who shot Michèle Kiesewetter?

Erschienen in "The Germans", Nr. 6, Juli/August 2013

A policewoman dies. For years her colleagues search for a phantom serial killer whose DNA they find at this crime scene and many others. That DNA is eventually traced to an employee at a supplier of cotton swabs. Now prosecutors in Munich hope to lay the case to rest by pinning the murder on deceased “National Socialist Underground” members Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt. Witnesses tell a different story. And was the USA more involved than the NSU?


How an SPD mayor became an NPD icon

Erschienen auf "Spiegel-Online", 2011

Hans Püschel’s career had been exemplary: a martyr to democracy under East Germany’s Soviet satellite regime, a respected social democratic village mayor in the troubled state of Saxony-Anhalt. What made him decide to campaign on the platform that Hitler was an underrated genius?



Appeared in Tagesspiegel in 2008

The death of a friend was the occasion of Franz Robeis’ rebirth. His decision to live as a true Christian has made his life since then very difficult.