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Jan Rübel


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Profiles, social issues, German and Middle Eastern politics


Born in 1970 on an island in Eastern Frisia. Islamic studies and Middle Eastern history at the Universities of Hamburg, Beirut and Tel Aviv. Attended the Axel Springer School of Journalism, followed by two years as a political editor at Die Welt. Parliamentary correspondent for the Welt am Sonntag for CDU, CSU and FDP 2005-2007. Moved to an Axel Springer AG development project in May 2007, in January 2008 to Zeitenspiegel, where he is now a partner. Currently provides political commentary for Yahoo.com.


Theodor Wolff Prize 2011
World Population Foundation Journalism Prize 2013
Nominated for Alternative Media Prize 2014
ERM Media Prize (third place) 2014
Karl Kübel Media Prize 2015
Nominated for Alternative Media Prize 2016
German Sozial Prize 2016
BIGSAS Media Prize 2017


Everything but the oink

Appeared in taz, August 25 2010

How to filet a company, inflate its market cap and take a tidy profit. An object lesson for 700 now unemployed printers.


The dancers of Zehlendorf

Erschienen in "Berliner Illustrirte Zeitung", 21. Februar 2010

They meet every third Monday afternoon for a tea dance: ladies in red cocktail dresses and gentlemen with pocket squares. One or the other has Alzheimer’s. The music recalls happier days long ago.


From drugs to dogsitting

Appeared in Dogs, 2/2010

Because junkies often have dogs, the organization “IdeFix” in Berlin concentrates on dogs in its outreach program. It seems to be working, as the former addict “Ant” can attest.


Federalism in Germany

Appeared in "Das Parlament", 53/2009

Germany’s welfare state sometimes collides with its states’ rights.


Portraits of politicians

Appeared in "Das Parlament"

Jan Rübel began his series of portraits of delegates, “Parlamentarisches Profil,” for the Bundestag newspaper “Das Parlament” in January 2009.


Germany's migrant farmworkers

Appeared in "Frankfurter Rundschau", 23 Juni 2009

Before he departs Germany on Midsummer’s Day, many a Pole has gone thousands of miles on his knees. This year many have no intention of returning. The white asparagus harvest is hard work for low pay.