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Markus Wanzeck

Markus Wanzeck


phone: +49 (0) 71 51-96 46 0


Environment, social issues, China & Asia


Born in 1979, studied philosophy and sociology in Munich and Sydney, attended the Zeitenspiegel Reportageschule, works at Zeitenspiegel HQ in Weinstadt. His customers include high-end German glossies such as brand eins and Cicero and the prestigious weekly DIE ZEIT. He has been managing editor of the magazine “natur” since April 2014.

He also chairs the German-Chinese Media Network.


  • 2016 nomination for the Henri Nannen Prize / Egon Erwin Kisch Prize
  • 2014 nomination for the German Reporter Prize as “Best freelance reporter”
  • 2014 2014 German-Asian Journalist Fellowship of the International Journalists’ Programmes (IJP)
  • 2012 nomination for the Kindernothilfe Media Award
  • 2011 Gabriel Grüner Grant
  • 2010 grant from the German Foreign Ministry to report from China (“Germany and China – Moving ahead together”)
  • 2009 kontext research grant
  • 2009 Media Ambassadors China-Germany grant (Robert Bosch Foundation/Hamburg Media School)
  • Selected in 2008 as one of Germany’s “top 30 under 30” journalists by Medium Magazin
  • 2007 Marion Dönhoff award (Robert Bosch Foundation)



Ein Spaziergang mit ... Klaus Töpfer

Erschienen in "natur" 11/15. Fotos: Paul Hahn

Vor der Pariser Klimakonferenz: Ein Gespräch über Deutschlands Beitrag zur Weltenergiewende. Über Wasser und Wein. Und über Bier aus Duisburg.



Red-green agriculture

Erschienen in "natur" 04/15. Fotos: Katharina Hesse

The Chinese have lost faith in the quality of their agricultural products. Organic foods are increasingly marketable. But it’s not farmers spearheading the movement to cultivate them - it’s educated urbanites.



Ein Spaziergang mit ... Michael Succow

Erschienen in "natur" 10/14. Fotos: Sascha Montag

Der Träger des “Alternativen Nobelpreises” war 1990 Vize-Umweltminister der DDR. Dank seines Wende-Coups stehen heute große Gebiete Ostdeutschlands unter Naturschutz. Ein Urwald-Spaziergang in Brandenburg, 25 Jahre nach dem Mauerfall.



Letters from a strange woman

Appeared in four parts in Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Nov.-Dec. 2013

A young woman from the Münsterland region reads a few lines and realizes that her past was a lie. She’s not an orphan. Her mother in Nepal is alive. The story of an emotional earthquake.

Youth tennis in Ethiopia


The opportunity of a lifetime

Erschienen in "Die Zeit" 51/2012

Von Fotograf Rainer Kwiotek und Autor Markus Wanzeck

A tennis academy in Ethiopia is training kids from the slums.



The murderers are back

Erschienen in "Cicero", Dezember 2011. Fotos: Éric Vazzoler

Rwanda has been a wounded nation since the 1994 genocide. A portrait of a small NGO that tries to reconcile killers and survivors.