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Philipp Maußhardt

Philipp Maußhardt


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Food, Africa, humor


Born in 1958 in Tübingen, where he still resides, the fearless leader/beloved mascot of Zeitenspiegel’s professional development division “Reportageschule” can often be found at his humble dacha in Tuscany. He studied geography and political science, training as a journalist at the Schwäbisches Tagblatt. Career advances and setbacks to date have included a stint as a department head at the Kölner Stadtanzeiger, a long-running humor column at the tageszeitung, free-lance work for DIE ZEIT, and head reporter positions at BUNTE and Abendzeitung. Joined Zeitenspiegel in the spring of 2002.


1995 Theodor Wolff Prize for uncovering the Nazi past of a famous German journalist


My dead neighbor's secrets

When a tenant dies, the landlord is sometimes stuck cleaning out the apartment. How does he react when the deceased’s belongings include explosives, photographic documentation of minor sex crimes, and a portrait of a Wehrmacht officer painted on a piece of Torah scroll? Zeitenspiegel’s Philipp Mausshardt finds out the hard way.


A Nag Called Horse

Appeared in Die Zeit, 6 Oct. 2011

Overgrown pastures, cranky farmers, kosher wine: just a few of the highlights of an impromptu ride through Siebenbürgen, Romania, on an unhappy plowhorse.


The perfectionist from Baiersbronn

Appeared in "Der Feinschmecker", 2008

Harald Wohlfahrt is the chef at the Traube-Tonbach in the Black Forest, Germany’s best restaurant, with three Michelin stars since 1992. His weapon of choice: tweezers.


Stalking the wild Lithuanian

Appeared in "Geo-Saison", 2007

The Dzukija in southern Lithaunia is a forest full of berries, mushrooms, and wild game. Its inhabitants have lived off its bounty for centuries.


The doctors of Mogadishu

Appeared in "Geo", 2006

After 20 years of anarchy, Mogadishu is divided into zones controlled by rival militias. A handful of Somali doctors gave up their jobs overseas to open a hospital in one of the world’s most dangerous cities.


Where discount grocery moguls shop

Appeared in "taz" in 2006

Organic farmer Walter Kress planted his field in front of the Lidl discount grocery chain headquarters in Neckarsulm with winter wheat. Now thistles tower above the grain, each one a thorn in the side of all orderly Swabians.