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Tilman Wörtz

Tilman Wörtz


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Became a journalist by attrition after studying political science, macroeconomics, and Spanish literature and living in Paris, Mexico D.F., and Shanghai. Admires a reporter’s freedom to find brief, pointed answers to life’s most complex and profound questions. Involved with the Peace Counts project since 2003. It researches and documents the work of peace advocates in conflict zones all around the world and publicizes the results in multimedia formats both locally (e.g., a live road show in rural Ivory Coast) and internationally via magazines and radio, drawing on all his skills and then some.

Sarah Wagenknecht


Eine Partie mit...Sahra Wagenknecht

Erschienen in "natur", 06/2015

Von Writers Tilman Wörtz und Jan Rübel

Monopoly gilt als Symbolspiel des Raubtierkapitalismus. Dessen Dynamik zu zeigen, war tatsächlich die Absicht der Erfinderin. Doch Regeln lassen sich ändern. Auch die für unsere Wirtschaftsordnung


Until we're a real family

"The Collection", 31.05.2012

A U.S. couple tried for years to have a baby. After numerous treatments failed, they traveled to India, bought an egg cell, and hired a surrogate mother.


The master bassoonmaker

Erschienen in "Landluft", Nr. 1/12

Virtuosos claim Bernd Moosmann builds the world’s best bassoons. A visit to his workshop shows why.


Peace Counts as a Utopia

Erschienen in "Tage der Utopie 2011"

Talk by Tilman Wörtz at the 2011 Utopia Days (“Tagen der Utopie”), appeared in the eponymous proceedings.


The power of words

Appeared in the exhibition catalogue "Peace Counts en Cote d´Ivoire", Oktober 2010

A professional storyteller travels through Ivory Coast for the Peace Counts project, serving as a medium for people who lack reading skills and TVs. He tells of peacebuilders in his own country and elsewhere, of their courage and patience, their willingness to build on even minimal interim successes. His presentation turns out to be a little different from what I (as the project director) had imagined.


Operation Gold

Appeared in "Focus", Nr. 3/2007

Die Olympischen Spiele 2008 in Peking sollten zum chinesischen Triumph werden. Die Welt soll die “Wiedergeburt einer Nation” bestaunen.