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Tilman Wörtz

Tilman Wörtz


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Features and long-term projects


Became a journalist by attrition after studying political science, macroeconomics, and Spanish literature and living in Paris, Mexico D.F., and Shanghai. Admires a reporter’s freedom to find brief, pointed answers to life’s most complex and profound questions. Involved with the Peace Counts project since 2003. It researches and documents the work of peace advocates in conflict zones all around the world and publicizes the results in multimedia formats both locally (e.g., a live road show in rural Ivory Coast) and internationally via magazines and radio, drawing on all his skills and then some.


Leased love

Concubinage, a relic of pre-revolutionary times, is undergoing a renaissance in China. Young women hope to meet wealthy men who can finance their early retirement. In return, they give intimacy and discretion. Being a concubine means keeping part of your life a secret.