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Ivo Saglietti

Ivo Saglietti


phone: +49 7151 96460

Fotograf / Genua

Features, portraits, the Mediterranean region


Born in 1948 in Toulon. Switched from filmmaking to photography in 1978, working first in Paris for American and French agencies. Photojournalism in Latin America and the Middle East. Current projects include Kosovo, Latin America, and Europe’s southern border. Currently resides in Genoa.


  • 1992 World Press Photo
  • 1999 World Press Photo
  • 2007 Enzo Baldoni Award
  • 2010 Chatwin special award “l’occhio assoluto”
  • 2011 World Press Photo

Flüchtlinge auf Lampedusa


Dream destination Lampedusa

Lampedusa, an island between Tunisia and Sicily, is a destination for thousands of refugees from sub-Saharan Africa. Those who do not drown or starve on the way share their dubious sanctuary with a thriving tourist industry.

HIV in Russland


HIV in Russia

Russia has one of the world’s highest rates of infection with HIV, and definitely the highest in Europe. Africa has many more in absolute numbers, but the danger of an epidemic is increasing. UNAids began issuing warnings of an AIDS epidemic in Russia in 2004.