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The Job of Backnang

Erschienen auf "stern.de", 14. März 2013

Von Autorin Ingrid Eißele

On Sunday night a woman and seven children died upstairs of smoke inhalation. Four years ago, his daughter died in the school shooting in Winnenden. Beverage retailer Walter Schüle of Backnang wonders if he’s living under a curse.

“Please excuse the chaos,” the 56-year-old Swabian Walter Schüle says as he invites us into his living room. Files, letters, and insurance policies are arranged on the floor. It could almost be a joke: A few miles away, at his former place of business, “chaos” would be an understatement. The floor is covered with water. Sections of the ceiling have collapsed. Everything is covered with ashes and soot. The beverage retailer and liquor store he ran on the ground floor of a house in Backnang is gone. The company has been reduced to his cell phone and his coffee table, but he continues to accept and dispatch orders as though nothing had happened …