Zeitenspiegel Reportagen

Besieged and forgotten

Appeared in Reportagen no. 15

Von Autor Carsten Stormer

I’m up to my ears in mud, lying on my stomach on a riverbank, but when the guy to my left releases the safety on his AK-47 and the guy to my right makes ready to pull the pin on a grenade, I realize I’m also in deep shit.

My clothing is soaked with cold water. “Psst,” the Syrian rebel leader says, finger to his lips.

“What’s up?” I whisper. Keeping me informed is not always his top priority. I usually find out things are happening right after they happen.

The full moon casts a silvery light on the apricot groves and the pond in which we are lying. Everything we do makes its surface ripple like a motion detector, and the moon reminds me of a theater spotlight. “Ambush,” the man with the grenade whispers, pointing into the darkness …