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The economical island

Erschienen in "natur", 08/12

Von Autorin Uschi Entenmann

Cuba is embarking on a new revolution: The government has declared war on paraffin stoves, creaky refrigerators, and hot-to-the-touch light bulbs. Cuba has no resources to waste. A visit to the world’s sustainability capital.

The village of Pedro Pi is a flyspeck on the map of Cuba. With 650 inhabitants, 30 miles from Havanna, it was once best known for its lively bar. Now it has hot running water from 300 solar cells, courtesy of Eurosolar, the KarEn Foundation, and Bread for the World, among others. Fidel Castro decided six years ago to make a virtue of necessity and launch an energy-saving initiative that has prompted the WWF to call Cuba “the world’s most sustainable country” …