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Until we're a real family

"The Collection", 31.05.2012

Von Autor Tilman Wörtz

A U.S. couple tried for years to have a baby. After numerous treatments failed, they traveled to India, bought an egg cell, and hired a surrogate mother.

“You look lovely,” the man says, speaking into his laptop’s built-in microphone. The woman onscreen covers her mouth with her hand, her cheeks tight with joy and shame. The picture is grainy, but you can see that she’s sitting in an office and that she is Hindu.

“Can we see your belly?” the blond woman sitting next to the man says.

The Indian woman stands and can now be seen only from the neck down. She smooths her sari. Under the fabric the couple sees the beginnings of two new lives.

At this moment the transmission freezes and for several seconds nothing can be seen but the bump containing the twins that will soon accrue to Rhonda and Jerry. Week 13 is a critical juncture. The riskiest phase is now over …