Zeitenspiegel Reportagen

Christen im Irak

The last Christians

Appeared in "Kontinente", 03/2011

By Carsten Stormer, photos by Ivo Saglietti

Violence against religious minorities in Iraq is on the rise. Christians in particular are the targets of extremists and fanatics. A Roman Catholic priest in the Kurdish autonomous zone is doing his best to smooth the Islamists’ ruffled feathers.

Der Kampf der Nuba

The struggle of the Nuba

Appeared in Playboy, November 2011

By Carsten Stormer

One of Africa’s little-known civil wars is that in the southern Sudanese province of South Kordofan. Carsten Stormer traveled, illegally, to the front lines and reports on the Nuba rebels’ desperate struggle against a militarily superior foe.

Of sharks and people

Of sharks and people

Appeared in Der Journalist, 1/2012

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

Carsten Stormer has been traveling the world - and writing about it - for seven years. He paddled with shark callers in New Guinea, visited janitors in India, and dropped by a rebel camp in southern Sudan. On good days, it’s the best job in the world. On bad days, he asks himself when he’ll settle down and get a life of his own. Not that he’s planning to quit.

CS Syria publications

The deadly dialogue of weapons

Appeared in Stuttgarter Zeitung, 6 August 2012

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

The rebels feel sure that Bashar el-Assad’s days are numbered. Meanwhile, the battle for Aleppo is brutal and bloody, creating thousands of traumatized people and refugees - not to mention the dead.

Navy without a sea

Navy without a sea

Appeared in GEO International, July 2012

Photos by Frank Schultze, text by Angela Köckritz

Bolivia became landlocked in 1879 when it lost the Saltpeter War against Chile. That hasn’t stopped it from maintaining a navy.


Syria: a nation besieged by its own government

Seen on Weltspiegel (ARD TV), August 25, 2013

By Carsten Stormer

Video: ARD-Website.


Es sind Lügner und Heuchler

Die Zeit Nr. 39 / 18. September 2014

Autor Fritz Schaap und Fotografin Alice Martins

Ahmed Abu Hamsa war Kommandeur beim »Islamischen Staat«. Im Interview erklärt er die Ziele und Methoden der Terroristen, warum junge Kämpfer sich ihnen anschließen, woran sie glauben und wie er desertierte

Shark callers way down under

Appeared in Playboy, Nov. 2010

Text: Carsten Stormer, photos: Jerome Segur und Carsten Stormer

On an island in Papua New Guinea, sharks are caught by hand. The fishermen are called “shark callers.”

Die Monster von Maguindanao

The monsters of Maguindanao

Appeared in "Die Welt", 23 Nov. 2010

By Carsten Stormer

A trial is bringing to light the strange crimes of a Philippine clan.

Jugend im Gaza-Streifen

Learning to fly

Appeared in "Amnesty International Magazin" 08–09/2011

By Carsten Stormer, photos by Alessandro Gandolfi/Parallelozero

The latest from Gaza: A new hip-hop culture is distracting youth from the Israeli blockade, religious extremists and opportunity cost with parcour, breakdancing, street art and music. L’art pour l’art in a land without an economy.