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A spark of freedom

A spark of freedom

Appeared in "SonnTAZ", 16-17 June 2012

By Mathias Becker, photos by Antonia Zennaro

Critical media lead hard lives under Hungary’s Orbán regime. “Tilos Rádió” works to keep objective reporting alive - a community that is isolated, stubborn, and under observation.

Double-take in Belgrade

Double-take in Belgrade

Appeared in MENSCHEN, September 2012

By Kristin Oeing, photos by Sascha Montag

Serbia’s capital is booming. Tourists come from all over to experience Belgrade’s charm. Starting recently they have been able to book alternative tours of the city led by people with disabilities.

"How am I supposed to forget all that blood?"

"How am I supposed to forget all that blood?"

Appeared in FOCUS 37/2013

Photos and editing by Carsten Stormer

A document of despair: The female editor-in-chief of an independent Syrian newspaper describes the mood and living conditions in a country bracing for an American bombing campaign.


In vollen Zügen in die Freiheit

Schwäbische Zeitung / Die Wochenendbeilage / 27. September 2014

von Autor Frank Brunner und Fotograf Christoph Püschner

Vor 25 Jahren flüchteten Tausende DDR-Bürger in die bundesdeutsche Botschaft in Prag – von dort aus durften sie gen Westen reisen

Teaser Backen Stern Crime

Justitia soll blind sein ...

Erschienen in stern Crime Nr. 16/2017

TEXT: Ingrid Eißele und Dominik Stawski

… und ein Richter sein Urteil ohne Ansehen der Person fällen. Aber kann er das wirklich? Ein Gespräch mit Richter Wolfgang Backen über die Grenzen der Gerechtigkeit.

It can only get better

Appeared in "WOZ", 05.05.2011

By Sara Mously, photos by Sascha Montag

Refugees petitioning for asylum in Germany are often housed in buildings that have seen much better days, far away from the nearest town center. The people in one such “home” decided to fight back. They are making progress.


Not a word to the major

Appeared in "Der Journalist" 07/2011

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

A journalist who travels to Afghanistan to report on the German army will be disappointed. The Bundesewehr is happy to arrange visits to cultural sites, but it takes active steps to keep reporters away from the front. Finding out what German soldiers are actually doing is virtually impossible.

Ein zweites Darfur

Ein zweites Darfur

Erschienen in "Focus", Nr 39/2011

Von Carsten Stormer (Text und Fotos)

Die Regierung des Sudans lässt die Dörfer der Nuba bombardieren. FOCUS berichtet aus einem Krieg, den die Welt übersieht.

The Open Range

The Open Range

Erschienen in "Lonely Planet Magazine", November 2011

Text und Fotos: Carsten Stormer

Mongolia is one of the few pristine places left in Asia. Carsten Stormer takes an epic journey into the former empire of Gengis Khan.

Death and routine

Death and routine

Appeared in the March 2011 German edition of Playboy

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

A war consisting only of casualties: The U.S. Army’s helicopter medics are the final link in the chain of violence in Afghanistan. A visit to the body collectors of Camp Shank at the start of an aimless, pointless operation.