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The murderers are back

The murderers are back

Appeared in "Cicero", 11/2011

By Markus Wanzeck, photos by Eric Vazzoler

Rwanda has been a maimed nation since the 1994 genocide. One small organization is committed to getting victims and perpetrators to talk to each other.

Gold fever

Gold fever

Appeared in Welt am Sonntag, May 27, 2012

By Uschi Entenmann (text) and Nicolas Righetti/rezo.ch (photos)

Hoping to strike it rich: Even vacationers can pan for gold on the Klondike - and take it along when they leave.

CS Syria publications

Report from hell

Appeared in Focus 30/2012

Text: Carsten Stormer and Bernhard Borgeest / photos: Carsten Stormer

The civil war in Syria is escalating. The regime is teetering. A reporter accompanied the advancing rebels.

Munich Stuttgarter Zeitung

Silent witnesses

Appeared in "Stuttgarter Zeitung", 1 Sept. 2012

Photos by Frank Schultze

The airport gone to seed, the hostage-takers’ masks, the apartments on Connolly Street - photojournalist Frank Schultze shows the props and scenery of the troubled Munich Olympics in 1972, forty years down the road.

Ich fühle was, was du nur ahnst

I feel something you can only suspect

Erschienen in "Das Magazin", 24.01.2011

Von Autorin Kristin Oeing und Fotograf Sascha Montag/Zeitenspiegel

Adolf Beutler paints, but he seldom speaks. His talent was discovered late. Now 75, he spent over 40 years of his life in psychiatric institutions. Are his paintings autobiographical? Perhaps.

Surfin' Gaza

Surfin' Gaza

Appeared in "mare" No. 87, 08/09 2011

By Carsten Stormer, photos by Alessandro Gandolfi

The Gaza strip: internecine conflict, war, a blockade, and surfboards. It was an Israeli and an American who pointed out to Gaza’s youth that their beach offers certain possibilities. Their NGO: The Gaza Surf Club.

Drug Monastery 01

The last chance

Appeared in DATUM, 30 May 2012

By Fritz Schaap and Patrick Witte, photos by Sascha Montag

Those who can’t kick the drug habit any other way land in Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand. If they’re lucky.


Pompeii II

Appeared in "Baumeister" 11/2011

By Jan Rübel, photos by Ivo Saglietti

It was two and a half years ago that the earth shook in L’Aquila. Reconstruction is ongoing. But it threatens to turn the once vibrant baroque city into a soulless urban wasteland without recognizable landmarks. Locals already have trouble finding their way around.

Friends for life

Friends for life

Appeared in Die Zeit, July 12, 2012

By Wolfgang Bauer, photos by Antonia Zennaro

Halima and Rafi were from two different Afghan tribes. They were in love. They attempted to elope. That nearly cost them their lives. A love story from a divided nation.