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Christoph Püschner

Christoph Püschner


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War and crisis reporting, social issues


Born in 1958. Studied business administration and then attended the Academy for Photo Design in Bielefeld. Free-lance since 1989 with an emphasis on political and social issues and travel in eastern Europe and the Middle East for major German weeklies. Joined Zeitenspiegel in the summer of 1999.

Stuttgart 21


Staying On Top - the protest against Stuttgart 21

After modest beginnings in the winter of 2011, the protest against the development project “Stuttgart 21” became a mass movement. Tens of thousands of people of all ages have taken to the streets, motivated by everything from orneriness to a sense of duty. Many have never attended a demonstration before. Saturdays are taboo: That’s when they all go home to observe the Swabian tradition of sweeping the sidewalks.

amerikanische Truppen in Afghanistan


Dying to make peace

Appeared in "Focus" no. 38/2009

Carsten Stormer and photographer Christoph Püschner document August 2009, the most lethal month for American soldiers to date.

deutsche Soldaten in Afghanistan


German soldiers police the Hindu Kush

Appeared in Playboy, 1/2011

The enemy oscillates between high tech and the stone age. The German Bundeswehr has been on the front lines for ten years, with 44 deaths so far. Chahar Dara is a muddy, miserable, entrenched outpost defended by stalwart German paratroopers for reasons that do not bear examination.