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Ingrid Eißele

Ingrid Eißele


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Autorin / Stuttgart

Germany, educational issues, criminal trials


Born in 1962 into a winemaking dynasty. Trained as a journalist at the Waiblinger Kreiszeitung before taking a year off to travel. Co-founder of Zeitenspiegel. Specialist for Latin America. Stern correspondent for Baden-Württemberg since 1994, with a focus on educational and societal issues. Her book Kalte Kinder (cold-hearted children) is published by Herder.


The genes for happiness

Appeared in "stern" no. 47 2010

Pre-implantation diagnostic tests after in vitro fertilization have Germany worried. Is the fertility industry on a slippery slope to eugenics?


An utterly meaningless event

Appeared in "stern", 1/2010

Viktorija died on the morning of March 11, 2009. She said bye to her parents and headed off to high school in Winnenden, Germany. She was supposed to play the Moonlight Sonata that afternoon at piano class. A classmate killed her execution style. Her father, Jurij Minasenko, is a psychiatrist, but he is sure he will never find meaning in what happened.


"Being fat is so embarrassing"

Erschienen auf "stern.de", 03.01.2009

Nearly two million children in Germany are overweight. In addition to health problems, they suffer from bullying and social isolation. They compensate with snacks. A vicious circle that can be hard to break.