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Sascha Montag

Sascha Montag


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Social issues, portraits


Born in 1975 in Halle an der Saale. Heavily traveled. Trained as a social worker and worked in several youth projects in Berlin. Learned photography on his own. Began contributing photos to dpa in 2002, to Zeitenspiegel in latei 2008.


Race against the cold

Erschienen in "Menschen", 16. Dezember 2013

Von Fotograf Sascha Montag und Autor Jan Rübel

In winter, homelessness can be lethal. When temperatures dip below freezing, Berlin’s “Stadtmission” bring warmth to the city streets with a “cold bus.”


The mayor of Saatari

Erschienen in "Der Spiegel", 24/06/2013

A refugee camp in Jordan holds 116,000 Syrians. It is run by a mafia. Kilian Kleinschmidt of the UNHCR is struggling to improve conditions.


World Wide Wonder

Appeared in Annabelle, 1/2013

Von Fotograf Sascha Montag und Autor Jan Rübel

When it’s raining grenades, survival is a matter of luck. But not only luck. Sometimes the internet helps.

Urban farmers in Sao Paulo


Urban farmers

Erschienen in "ENORM" /09/2012 und "FAS"/ 11/2012

Vacant lots in the slums of São Paulo are being turned into vegetable gardens - a regular meal ticket for numerous impoverished retirees and the unemployed.

Cold turkey in the jungles of Thailand


Cold turkey in the jungle

Erschienen in "Playboy", 06/2012 und "DATUM", 07/2012

Cold turkey the tropical jungle: The notorious Thai monastery Thamkrabok lures drug abusers with promises of hope. The reality is hell. But they stick around anyway. It’s their last chance.

Mail delivery by pirogue in the Spreewald


Mail delivery by pirogue in the Spreewald

Erschienen in "Die Zeit", 07/2012

Andrea Bunar has strong arms and strong nerves. She needs both: the arms to scull, and the nerves to deal with tourists.