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Sascha Montag

Sascha Montag


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Fotograf / Berlin

Social issues, portraits


Born in 1975 in Halle an der Saale. Heavily traveled. Trained as a social worker and worked in several youth projects in Berlin. Learned photography on his own. Began contributing photos to dpa in 2002, to Zeitenspiegel in latei 2008.

Mail delivery by pirogue in the Spreewald


Mail delivery by pirogue in the Spreewald

Erschienen in "Die Zeit", 07/2012

Andrea Bunar has strong arms and strong nerves. She needs both: the arms to scull, and the nerves to deal with tourists.

Teen pregnancy prevention in Bremen


Robot babies

Appeared in MENSCHEN, 3/2011

A school-based project in Bremen puts the fear of God into baby-crazy teenagers - with the help of a “baby simulator.” It screams, cries, and regularly demands food and a fresh diaper. The teens are soon sleep-deprived, unhappy, and profoundly affected by their experience.


Journeys through bookland

Erschienen in "FOCUS Schule"/ 04/2012

In the era of social media, do young people still read? Children and teenagers in Berlin present their personal libraries and favorite books to photographer Sascha Montag.

Crime scene cleanup


Somebody's got to do it

Erschienen in "Die Zeit", 10/2011

When death leaves a mess, he cleans up.

Refugee camp in Saxony-Anhalt


Wantchoucou finds the courage

Appeared in WOZ, 5/5/2011

Wittenberg, in eastern Germany, traditionally houses its applicants for political asylum in a run-down, filthy dormitory in the middle of nowhere: deportation to the woods. One resident decided it’s time for a little resistance.

Stift Grafeneck


The day the gray buses came

Erschienen in "FAS", 12.12.2010

The Nazis’ relatively short-lived program of euthanizing mentally handicapped Germans with carbon monoxide began at Grafeneck on the Swabian Alb. The institution is still open, but it’s much nicer now.