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Day of revenge

Appeared in Stern 31/2012

With Carsten Stormer (research/photos)

The regime in Syria seems to be on its last legs. The dictator is sticking to his guns, but the rebels are also increasingly merciless. The forces of Syrian democracy are meeting in Berlin to plan, secretly, for what comes after.

The fighter wants to hang up his gloves

The fighter wants to hang up his gloves

Appeared in DIE ZEIT, Sept. 6, 2012

By Dietmar H. Lamparter, photos by Thomas Kienzle

From an orphanage to shop steward at Porsche and, if he plays his cards right, beyond.

Nermin's dream

Nermin's dream

Appeared in DIE WELT, 17 Sept. 2013

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

A young woman produces a newspaper in the besieged Syrian city of Sabadani.

Surf's up in Gaza

No bombs please, I'm surfing

Appeared in "Rogue Magazine", March 2012

Text: Carsten Stormer, Photos: Alessandro Gandolfi

Can you find hope at the end of the world? In a sun-kissed strip of land in the middle of nowhere, Carsten Stormer rides the waves in the world’s most dangerous stretch of sand and finds that, while the guns and tanks come and go, the surf and sea live forever.

Text: Carsten Stormer, Fotos: Alessandro Gandolfi

Erschienen in “Rogue Magazine”, March 2012

Im toten Winkel

In the blind spot

Appeared in "Amnesty International Magazin", Oktober/November 2011

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

The army of Sudan is attacking its people in the province of South Kordofan. Hundreds of thousands are on the run. Amnesty International fears a Darfur-style escalation.


Living in a small space

Appeared in "Zeit Magazin" No. 43

Photos by Antonia Zennaro

Portrait of a family of clowns that inhabits a trailer.

CS Syria publications

Dialogue of weaponry

Appeared in "Frankfurter Rundschau", 4-5 August 2012

Text and photos by Carsten Stormer

The Syrian rebels have taken their struggle to the city streets. Now the regime is fighting to retain Aleppo. The populace is sure it will all be over soon.

A spark of freedom

A spark of freedom

Appeared in "SonnTAZ", 16-17 June 2012

By Mathias Becker, photos by Antonia Zennaro

Critical media lead hard lives under Hungary’s Orbán regime. “Tilos Rádió” works to keep objective reporting alive - a community that is isolated, stubborn, and under observation.

Double-take in Belgrade

Double-take in Belgrade

Appeared in MENSCHEN, September 2012

By Kristin Oeing, photos by Sascha Montag

Serbia’s capital is booming. Tourists come from all over to experience Belgrade’s charm. Starting recently they have been able to book alternative tours of the city led by people with disabilities.

"How am I supposed to forget all that blood?"

"How am I supposed to forget all that blood?"

Appeared in FOCUS 37/2013

Photos and editing by Carsten Stormer

A document of despair: The female editor-in-chief of an independent Syrian newspaper describes the mood and living conditions in a country bracing for an American bombing campaign.